TIRA Projects\ Activities                                  2012-2017
2012 -Trained First (150) Tamazight teachers of Infusen region, with collaboration of education bureau. Training focused on Tamazight Grammar and teaching methodology.
2013 Supervisor & author of year three curriculum for Tamazight class-Infusen region.
2014 -Project Manager of TIRA for TAMKEEN program by ADAMSMITH organization, a study on PFM (Public financial management).
-Media & Cultural activities for children during the conflict-Ifran, Infusen region
2014-2016 -Project manager of TIRA for the UNDP-CEFG, implementing various projects in Infusen & Tripoli region :

·         Constitution & Language pluralism.

·         Youth and community during the conflict; conflict-resolution skills.

2015 Project coordinator of (Woman & children during conflict zone; awareness and education of human rights)-Lalut & Wazzen city, funded by CFLI-Canadian government.
2015-2016 -Project Manager and researcher for (introducing Tamazight to the justice sector-Infusen), fund by IREX with cooperation of Legal personnel, designing questionnaires & survey, legal glossary & legal curriculum for school of Law.
2016 -Designing Survey of media\social application-smartphones, targeting women in Ifran- mountain region, for ARMAS media company, Tripoli.

-Class activity on educational theatre play, beneficiaries’ were students of year four & five- Tamazight class. in Ifran- mountain region.

2017 -Project coordinator (communication between civil society & local government), targeting municipalities of Infusen-Fund by EU-GVC

-Project supervisor of recording & documentation for preservation & conservation of ancient sites in Ifran- mountain region (still in progress)-ARI public policy.

-Children Art Competition activities in Ifran & Ferrsetta -mountain region, designed and prepared by TIRA org.

-Facilitator for Civil society and proposal writing, targeting women activists in Ifran- mountain region, by TIRA org.

-Tifinagh\Amazigh-Latin Calligraphy workshop (still in preparation-November)